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Okay, so here we go. It's Wednesday and I'm here ON time, on the ACTUAL day. Whew! The way my days are going it might be any day at all so I'ma thinkin' that if I set up a meme for each day of the week it might help me remember what day it is and while I'd love for people to join in and have fun with me, I can play all alone if I have to. I have been demoted to first grade again and it seems I am just learning the days of the week. But as I am babysitting my 5 year old grandson, I'm fairly certain that he can help me if I get stuck.

And while I'm on a theme, and here at my daughter's (Said grandson is watching something his mother allows him to watch on PBS so I have to be quick because when it's over, so am I. Here, at least.), I thought I might share some wisdom I've learned from my grandson, or some thoughts I've had related to how young children think and act as opposed to we grown-ups who have pretty well fallen out of the magical world of childhood and into the box society puts us in so as to make us all Stepford Wives, or Robotic Human Beings who act, dress, work and eat by pretty much the same code. My grandson, at 5, is still in that Magical Child phase when all things are possible, trees can be colored purple with orange polka dots and nothing seems strange about it, and they pretty much say anything that comes into their mind without filters. This can get sketchy, but mostly I find it charming, adorable, or outright hysterical. For example...

We were all over here at Rachel's, my daughter's house, with she, her sweet husband Jeremy and the "baby" (Man, you'd better not call a 5 year old THAT!) as we all must come here because the rest of us have dogs and this poor wee little boy is so allergic to everything, especially dogs, and has such terrible asthma, that we congregate here for holidays and such.

Well here sat Grandma (That would be me.) on the couch and Lucas came over, climbed up in my lap, and squeezed me very hard and told me he loved me the muchest in the whole wide world. I smooched and squeezed him so hard it's amazing his head didn't pop OFF. Well, he got nice and comfy and was all snuggled up to me and suddenly he sat up, looked me directly in the eyes, and said...

"Grandma, you're fat..."

I saw my daughter's look of horror as she came running but I was laughing. I mean if an adult had said this I might have blacked their eye if I were a violent person, which I'm not, just overly sensitive, so I probably would have made a fool of myself and cried. Lucas had a very serious look on his face when he said this, as if there were far more behind it, and then he looked and me and said...

"I'm so glad Grandma, everybody else is all "straight up and down" (thin) and you're the only one that's really comfortable to sit on. "

That just about tickled the Granny Drawers offa me!

For almost 4 months now I've been on Nutrisystems which I love and which is the only eating plan I have ever been able to stay on in my whole life. In less than 4 months I've lost 40 pounds and counting. I simply adore it. So I walked in here to babysit today and my daughter gave me a big hug and said, "MOM, you're really losing weight. 40 pounds is GREAT!"

Lucas looked at me askance. Then he kind of muttered, "You're not going to get TOO thin, are you?" He looked worried. He might lose the only soft lap worth sitting on.

I smiled, and said, "No, not too thin." I mean, on my best days at my best weight I looked like I should have long yellow braids and be working in a German beer garden. I'm half French and half Polish. The polish side mainly wins out physically, and my backside has won trophies in the "Biggest Polish Arse Hall Of Fame." No, I'll be curvy, but not skinny. Ever. Which is fine by me (and Lucas).

The Fact is...


Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and those that don't appreciate our beauty are also missing all the beauty that lie inside. (Not to mention the soft lap.)

Here's to soft laps and beauty everywhere, both inside and out...



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  1. cathara Says:

    youre beautiful:)and lucas just made me laugh:P

    aaww, i miss my 5 year old cousin. as much as i miss my grandma:(

    love this post:)

  2. xander Says:

    very nice artikel and very nice site

  3. J Swiderski Says:

    Thank you for sharing this! it made my day! wisdom indeed! HA HA

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