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Becoming An Artist At 60...

Greetings Dear Ones,

I want to thank you so much for attending my first auction. Due to my circumstances this is the easiest way for me to do this for now and I am excited and delighted to be here!

Above there are pictures of the front/back/signatures and title on front and back. Please message me here if you would like any other pictures or information and I will get right back to you. I am in NC on EST in the US so note the hours, usually from noon to midnight I can send things. 

Colors may vary due to your monitor. I cropped the photos but did not change or enhance the colors in any way, however it looks different on my desktop/laptop/tablet and phone so the color will vary but is very close to true in every medium I have checked.

The painting is on recycled cardboard, a panel/side of a Priority Mail box. It is very sturdy but slightly bendy/flexible. Please be careful. Hard bends will crease or crack painting. It is my desire to use recycled materials as often as possible. After my house burned down there were a lot of boxes getting things back in the house. I plan to cut the larger ones up and gesso them for future paintings. Some will be on canvases or cotton panels.

Unless someone is very unhappy, which I would never want to be the case, I would prefer not to take returns. I almost said no returns but never say never. It is very hard for me to get to the post office. Returns will only be taken if returned in pristine condition and shipping and insurance costs, free to you but not to me, will be deducted from sale price if returned. If you are outside of the US and have paid for shipping you will have to pay again to return it. No refunds will be made until painting is returned and examined.

Shipping is FREE in the US only, Priority Mail with insurance. I will mail outside of the US but you will have to pay shipping, exact shipping costs/insurance only will be added to sale price.

Paypal invoice is sent at close of auction. Must be paid within 24 hours or will be offered to the next bidder in line. Please be aware of this and contact me ahead of time if you forsee a problem. I may be able to work with you.



Please be honorable. Do not bid if you do not mean it. Your word is your bond and so is your bid. 

Bids will be taken below this note which will be pinned at the top of the "Becoming An Artist At 60" page. 

Simply put the price in you wish to bid. Your name is already attached to anything you leave here.

Increase price above you in increments of $5. You may go to your highest bid immediately if you choose.


Message me your bid directly. I will acknowledge receiving it and will put your bid on the list with "Private" after the amount. You will be notified if you win at close of auction.

Bidding closes at noon on Sunday when I will contact winner and send Paypal invoice. Shipped Monday unless something out of the ordinary occurs when it will be shipped asap in the next day or two.

Starting bid: $50

Thank you so much for your interest and for your bid. I am an honest and honorable person. Please be the same in our dealings. 

Having the morning latte at the auction! 

Blessings and Love,


Sister Mary Trinity, PTSD

"Sister Mary Trinity. Only survivor of 12 nuns in a church bombing during a meeting planned to build inter-denominational relations with other churches. She is having a crisis of faith, filled with anger, and her PTSD flashbacks are so crippling she is planning to leave her convent and never return. She has been sent by her doctor to a new group therapy group for women and hopes that they can help Trinity."

Mallory, Anxiety Disorder

"Mallory owns an independent bookstore and coffeehouse. She loves her work but her Anxiety Disorder is getting worse and making it harder and harder to go into work or talk to customers. She decided she would go to the group therapy meeting tonight. If she didn't conquer this she'd have to sell the shop and that would break her heart..."

"The Vesica Piscis in Bloom." 4/8/15
Acrylic on recycled cardboard
(Priority Mail Box panel)
Maitri Libellule. 

Painting will be sold in an auction 
from tomorrow, Thursday, 4/9 at
noon through Sunday 4/12 at noon 
shipped Priority Mail on Monday,
April 13. More details and pictures
of the painting in process here.

This is the 2nd picture I have done for #100daysofgrouptherapy in the #the100dayproject for Day 1. I have to do one a day for 100 days but according to how the Muse moves there might be 2 or 3 in a day. I never know and it is better for me to produce more than none at all. Once the muse is on the move to stop the flow can end up stopping me completely, and my biggest fear going into this has been that my bipolary bits and parts would hinder me from completing the project, and of course this is just day one, but I really think I will do this.

SO, I am asking a HUGE favor and I feel shy and I haven't done anything like this before but I have been having a really hard time with my bipolar & other nefarious brain deets acting up, causing debilitating pain and fear and complete immobilization at times. Could you please help me by following me in this, on Instagram, and just click through and like -- if you do -- the days offering and if you are moved to leave a comment that would be divine. It is so important to me to continue on.

If you follow my main blog, Maitri's Heart, you will have read in the last couple of entries that medication changes have made me fuzzy and very tired and I've had a hard time continuing on but I am so excited about this and already I am making copious notes about where I think this project will take me beyond the 100 days. It is way too premature to discuss it but if I can get through these 100 days it could mean work that would really carry me at a time when I really need it. 

In any event today is Lakshmi, one of the women in group therapy, and her partner Sarah. What is this woman about and what is her place in the group dynamic?

Lakshmi is the woman with agoraphobia. I want to use these characters to be fun and have kind of a lighthearted and delightful story -- so much of our stories with mental illness are just plain hard and sad -- and there can't help but be a little of that. But this is a story about women coming together in a group healing situation, how they all react to the situation, how each deals with her own mental health burden, how one member leaves right away and that is a story in and of itself common in therapeutic and especially group circles, but the lovely sweet thing about Lakshmi and her partner Sarah is the beauty of one partner supporting the other who is suffering, and what a difference it makes, and also how when you suffer with these things you think nobody could possibly love you, but the surprising thing is that this is not necessary true. I am seeing miracles in others lives when they suffer terribly but have a partner to help them. It is eye opening and, well, gives me hope.

So this is the first day, and on I go, and I will be eternally grateful if you can help me...

Blessings and love dearhearts, 


Such a sad loss but such incredible talent...

I love Amy's music.

I drew the kitchen in the 3rd story apartment of Wilkie, one of the Group Therapy members, at the top of the page I was working on yesterday so you see the arch. I am still doodly dooing and getting to know the women and their world. Wilkie has not left for her first group session yet and she's very nervous. She is talking to Wilbur her hedgehog about it. She hasn't left the apartment in a long time and doesn't know if she can make it out the door. Will she go? Will she stay? She has to be there in 3 hours. I really hope she goes...

Something kind of crazy occurred to me and I love it. I would really like to draw individual sections on a full size sheet of paper and during these 100 Days put them all over the cottage on the walls so I am living in their world. For example the old Hoosier cabinet in Wilkie's apartment was a lot of fun to draw and paint. Imagine her whole kitchen on a section of the wall. Eeeeee, I like it!


I am about to take part in something I am very excited about. It is a project where you pick anything you want to do for 100 consecutive days starting tomorrow, create a hashtag for it and put your hashtag with the project's hashtag on Instagram. I found it on Instagram via Esme Wang and here is a little sample of the Pre Game game! And DO answer if you feel inspired. My project is going to be an illustrated story of a group of women in group therapy but it will be fun.... Here is what I posted....

"6 women are meeting for the first time today. By the end of the day one will leave. Can you tell me which one is leaving? Can you tell me who is who? Their names are Wilkie, Trinity, Mallory, Lucinda, Lakshmi and Zooey. Who is who, and who decides to leave on the first day of Group Therapy? And stay tuned because starting tomorrow their story will be told over 100 days in the ‪#‎100daysofgrouptherapy‬ in the‪#‎the100dayproject‬ ."

The other picture I drew last night. It is a sample of some of the things that will show up in the story...

For more information go to: 


I have slipped back into this blog with such joy, because...

I have spent so much time blogging and I spend so much time online that I just can't seem to keep up with a handwritten journals anymore which shames me no end having taught journal classes for 40 years and filled over 400 journals. Sigh...

Finally, instead of not keeping an online journal because I am pretending to myself that surely any minute I will start using the 1001 journals of every sort that I buy and never use I am just going to do what I know is going to work for me, at least for now. The journals, if they are suitable by any stretch, will be used as sketchbooks and I am going to use this blog as my journal. Not private things, I do as much of that type of writing as I am willing to share on my main blog, Maitri's Heart on my website. No, what I want to do, and what is important for me to do with 5 mental health diagnoses, is to keep track of my life and days. This will be very different than the way this blog started but it is what I need to do today and I just love this little blog. It feels like a real knockabout sort of journal, not fancy or pretty which makes it comfortable to just slap stuff in, collage it a bit, maybe art and mostly just notes as I travel through my days. It just needs to be this way, for now, so I don't lose myself and so I remember the things I want to remember. As you can see I have written a few today, these are my Notes, Quotes & Flashing Thoughts, this is how a mind works, any mind, mentally screwbally notwithstanding our brains are just always on the move no matter what shape they are in. I want to capture things I love, things I'm planning, books, things I am obsessed with.

I am currently obsessed with Amanda Palmer. I don't mean in a creepy way, no, I just seem to have gotten on the A.P. tour bus late, but I saw her TedTalk and it-just-knocked-me-(and about 8 million other people)-OUT! Watch it, please, you don't want to miss it. 

Then I was excited to find that she had a book of the same name coming out in autumn 2014. I bought the book for my kindle, but they had a deal to get the audible book cheaply at the same time so I bought it. I have listened to it 3x so far -- I love books read by their own authors -- but this one is so special. Every time I listen, because I move about taking care of pugs and things and miss parts which is okay because I didn't miss anything the first time, I find something else to love, something else that really helps me in my life right now, something that helps me understand my life right now, even though that's not what the book is about, but it is about living as artist among many other things and that is where I am right now. So I will get around to reading the kindle version but right now I am listening to it as if on a continuous tape loop. 

THEN -- wonder of wonders -- again, last one on the tour bus and all -- I found out that Amanda is married to a writer who just delights me in a thousand directions, Neil Gaiman. I just couldn't believe it. I have been in love with him since I heard the amazing commencement speech he gave that also went viral like Amanda's Ted Talk. It is referred to as the Make Good Art speech and I have lost count of how many people I have shared it with and listened to it myself. Oh you DO NOT want to miss this one... MAKE GOOD ART, by the adorable Neil Gaiman.

So I will end this here as it is nearly 10 p.m. and I have not eaten dinner. I am angsty and edgy tonight and I haven't been able to settle down and the kitchen is a disaster. I will get to that somewhere between tonight and tomorrow. I need to eat, and, make good art.


So what am I planting right now? (And I get the seeds online at Eden Brothers who have wholesale and even cheaper amazing prices in bulk.)

This year....

*Several types of French marigolds
* My beloved borage, always in my garden
*Delphinium (Which I long for and try every year but they don't like our heat, sigh,.,,)
*Larkspur (Very like delphins but go easier here.) 
* 4 o'clocks, pastel bi color mix
* Garland Daisies
* Old fashioned hollyhocks
* Several types of sunflowers
* One of my favorites, "Mexican Sunflowers" tall but smaller than regular flowers and a gorgeous bright orange
* 1# of Heavenly Blue Morning glories (I have seeded the whole front of the property in the woodsy areas and all along the front of my house to match my front door which is sky blue. I am looking for a curtain of blue flowers to hide my front porch for shade. It gets dreadful hot here!
* An ounce of Moonflowers, same areas as morning glories
* LOTS of different types and colors of nasturtiums which I always grow a lot of. I call them my "Nasty Ladies." 
*Rose Mallow
*1/2 pound of California Giant zinnias and other types
*Red Kale
*Rainbow Chard
*Sweet Basil 

And I will continue to sow different seeds throughout the season, I just do a lot upfront, usually around the beginning of April, often Easter weekend, MY Holy Ritual

It is the quality of the air. 

It is each flower as it opens.

It is the birds on the wing and their song. 

It is the Canadian Geese flying overhead, passing by until autumn falls. 

It is the soft flowers and their powerful fragrance. 

It is the vibrant, alive feeling all around as everything stirs, the wild ones, and our own, blood and bone. 

It is Spring.


This is a blog that was very dear to my heart. I stopped it at the end of 2009 just about 3 weeks before my mother passed, and a couple of months later moved here to Dragonfly Cottage. I really loved this blog and it covered a period of time that was very different than my life today. The reason I want to resurrect it is because it was a place, and will be a place, where I can dash off thoughts without feeling the need to do a whole long blogpost. I can share my art, my morning musings over my latte's and what I have called for 30 years my "Notes, Quotes & Flashing Thoughts." I always wrote that in the cover of every journal I started and I plan to do a small book of  musings with this same title.

I have started to clean up the sidebars and have eliminated almost everything, they will be redone tonight, but I thought, today, when I came across this blog that it was something I didn't want to let go of, and today, with the many things I am struggling with, often not having the energy to write a long blog post, that a morning's quick note would be a way to stay in closer touch. If you are on my mailing list you will get notices about these entries as well so you don't need to sign up for a new one.

I'm going to close here to feed the pugs, different pugs than I had when I started this blog years ago, but the pug tribe lives on, in my heart and in my home.

Blessings and Love Dearhearts. Have a beautiful weekend...