Maitri Libellule

I drew the kitchen in the 3rd story apartment of Wilkie, one of the Group Therapy members, at the top of the page I was working on yesterday so you see the arch. I am still doodly dooing and getting to know the women and their world. Wilkie has not left for her first group session yet and she's very nervous. She is talking to Wilbur her hedgehog about it. She hasn't left the apartment in a long time and doesn't know if she can make it out the door. Will she go? Will she stay? She has to be there in 3 hours. I really hope she goes...

Something kind of crazy occurred to me and I love it. I would really like to draw individual sections on a full size sheet of paper and during these 100 Days put them all over the cottage on the walls so I am living in their world. For example the old Hoosier cabinet in Wilkie's apartment was a lot of fun to draw and paint. Imagine her whole kitchen on a section of the wall. Eeeeee, I like it!

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