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This is the 2nd picture I have done for #100daysofgrouptherapy in the #the100dayproject for Day 1. I have to do one a day for 100 days but according to how the Muse moves there might be 2 or 3 in a day. I never know and it is better for me to produce more than none at all. Once the muse is on the move to stop the flow can end up stopping me completely, and my biggest fear going into this has been that my bipolary bits and parts would hinder me from completing the project, and of course this is just day one, but I really think I will do this.

SO, I am asking a HUGE favor and I feel shy and I haven't done anything like this before but I have been having a really hard time with my bipolar & other nefarious brain deets acting up, causing debilitating pain and fear and complete immobilization at times. Could you please help me by following me in this, on Instagram, and just click through and like -- if you do -- the days offering and if you are moved to leave a comment that would be divine. It is so important to me to continue on.

If you follow my main blog, Maitri's Heart, you will have read in the last couple of entries that medication changes have made me fuzzy and very tired and I've had a hard time continuing on but I am so excited about this and already I am making copious notes about where I think this project will take me beyond the 100 days. It is way too premature to discuss it but if I can get through these 100 days it could mean work that would really carry me at a time when I really need it. 

In any event today is Lakshmi, one of the women in group therapy, and her partner Sarah. What is this woman about and what is her place in the group dynamic?

Lakshmi is the woman with agoraphobia. I want to use these characters to be fun and have kind of a lighthearted and delightful story -- so much of our stories with mental illness are just plain hard and sad -- and there can't help but be a little of that. But this is a story about women coming together in a group healing situation, how they all react to the situation, how each deals with her own mental health burden, how one member leaves right away and that is a story in and of itself common in therapeutic and especially group circles, but the lovely sweet thing about Lakshmi and her partner Sarah is the beauty of one partner supporting the other who is suffering, and what a difference it makes, and also how when you suffer with these things you think nobody could possibly love you, but the surprising thing is that this is not necessary true. I am seeing miracles in others lives when they suffer terribly but have a partner to help them. It is eye opening and, well, gives me hope.

So this is the first day, and on I go, and I will be eternally grateful if you can help me...

Blessings and love dearhearts, 

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