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I am about to take part in something I am very excited about. It is a project where you pick anything you want to do for 100 consecutive days starting tomorrow, create a hashtag for it and put your hashtag with the project's hashtag on Instagram. I found it on Instagram via Esme Wang and here is a little sample of the Pre Game game! And DO answer if you feel inspired. My project is going to be an illustrated story of a group of women in group therapy but it will be fun.... Here is what I posted....

"6 women are meeting for the first time today. By the end of the day one will leave. Can you tell me which one is leaving? Can you tell me who is who? Their names are Wilkie, Trinity, Mallory, Lucinda, Lakshmi and Zooey. Who is who, and who decides to leave on the first day of Group Therapy? And stay tuned because starting tomorrow their story will be told over 100 days in the ‪#‎100daysofgrouptherapy‬ in the‪#‎the100dayproject‬ ."

The other picture I drew last night. It is a sample of some of the things that will show up in the story...

For more information go to: 

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