Maitri Libellule

So what am I planting right now? (And I get the seeds online at Eden Brothers who have wholesale and even cheaper amazing prices in bulk.)

This year....

*Several types of French marigolds
* My beloved borage, always in my garden
*Delphinium (Which I long for and try every year but they don't like our heat, sigh,.,,)
*Larkspur (Very like delphins but go easier here.) 
* 4 o'clocks, pastel bi color mix
* Garland Daisies
* Old fashioned hollyhocks
* Several types of sunflowers
* One of my favorites, "Mexican Sunflowers" tall but smaller than regular flowers and a gorgeous bright orange
* 1# of Heavenly Blue Morning glories (I have seeded the whole front of the property in the woodsy areas and all along the front of my house to match my front door which is sky blue. I am looking for a curtain of blue flowers to hide my front porch for shade. It gets dreadful hot here!
* An ounce of Moonflowers, same areas as morning glories
* LOTS of different types and colors of nasturtiums which I always grow a lot of. I call them my "Nasty Ladies." 
*Rose Mallow
*1/2 pound of California Giant zinnias and other types
*Red Kale
*Rainbow Chard
*Sweet Basil 

And I will continue to sow different seeds throughout the season, I just do a lot upfront, usually around the beginning of April, often Easter weekend, MY Holy Ritual
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  1. Joan Says:

    How lovely and delightful to sow, nurture and watch them grow!

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