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Having now joined in on Random Tuesdays, which I love and will be doing tomorrow, I started to think about Mondays, and how mysterious they always seem to me, and that if I started a "Mysterious Mondays" list others could join in and we could all talk about the strange and mysterious things in the universe. You know, important things, like what ever happened to those paper straws they had when I was little (I'm 55, if you're too young to remember these you needn't go and get nasty, just go, as my dear friend would say, "There, there, pat, pat...." and forgive us poor doddering old fools our childhood memories...) that were flavored, and when you used them to drink a glass of milk it would make them taste like, say, strawberries? I don't remember what they were called, but it was certainly in the era of penny candy in the big glass counters in the old mom and pop stores. Sigh... Now there was magic for you.

So I am going to jot off as many mysterious things as my brain can handle right now (... which might not be many, as I just married, literally -- I was the mother of the bride and the minister performing the ceremony at sunrise on Saturday -- my daughter Rachel and her beloved Jeremy, and I think I still have sand in my ears and in my drawers.) and I hope you will do it on your blog as well and refer folks to this page to sign up and use the logo at the top of this post on yours on Mondays that should be linked back to this blog. I will be checking so if you mysteriously disappear from this list, it will be because you're not playing along. You can't play jump rope without someone holding each end!

My First Mysterious Mondays List...

(And, fyi, the mystery need not have happened
ON a Monday, we are just designating Mondays
as the day to speak about these awesome, mind-
blowing mysteries, and in the process we might
save the Universe... C'mon, don't leave me
standing out here alone with my 8-Ball all

* Did you play the ouija board as a child? Do you now? Did you believe in it? Don't you find it fascinating that people who scoff at the ouija board will hand all of their money over to stockbrokers, their whole life savings, and let them take a chance with it? I'd sooner consult a ouija board...

* One of the most mysterious things to me as I get older are these peculiar little things that might pop up anywhere and certainly will SOMEwhere called "Skin Tags." Isn't that a very bizarre kind of thing to be sprouting? And stranger still is that my pugs have more than I do and I've never seen them on other dogs. I think this is very mysterious.

* I find it fascinatingly mysterious that the plants you spend a fortune on and tend with loving care and cluck over like a mother hen over her baby chick, die on you every time, while the 50 cent African violets (at least for me) that have gotten kind of ratty looking and have no flowers, I hoard and bring home and clean up and repot and feed and then every now and again when I remember I water them, and they get ENORMOUS and shock people who say that they think African Violets are the hardest thing to grow. This is almost always because they over-water. Benign neglect works very well on a great many things and the older I get I'm treating most things this way.

* I find the Dollar Store (or whatever it's called where you are) one of the most fascinating, mysterious places on the planet. I buy my hair color there for $3 and it's a name brand I can then go in the drugstore and pay $9 for. If the $ store can afford to sell it for $3 and still make money, why $9 at the drugstore? Likely right about now you are wondering if there has ever been a more inane, boring person on the planet, but then one of the great thrills of my pregnancy was that my innie (belly button) turned into an outie at full term, and the amazing stuff that I could clean out that I didn't know was even in there startled and delighted me no end.

I'm an easy person to amuse, everything delights me, I find everything mysterious, and if I end up playing this game alone that's okay too because I play well alone, and I even find that mysterious...

Maitri, on the prowl for other mysterious matters... I think I shall keep a "Great Mysteries of the Universe," notebook... That's the ticket. C'mon out and play!

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  1. Tanya Keenan Says:

    Sure, I'll play! I may need a reminder, though. Life is twirling so quickly, I lose track sometimes. Will you be putting a reminder on Facebook?

    BTW, thanks for befriending me on FB, Maitri. It was a lovely surprise! :~)

  2. Maitri Says:

    Tanya! I'm just delighted to see you here honey. Thanks for writing and thanks for joining in, AND I hadn't thought about a reminder on Facebook but that's a PERFECT idea! Thanks so much!

    Gentle hugs to you. I can't wait to hear your Mysterious Mondays post next week! :o)



  3. Sandy Says:

    I wanted to leave a post here as a test. Someone else with this very cool templale is one I've tried to leave comments on; so thought this might be helpful to see if this works ok, in terms of an issue with the template itself. Will swing back by when I've got some time to do some reading. Looks like you've got lots of goodies here.


  4. I'm in to play, as long as I get to SOLVE a mystery now & then, too. Like the whole ouija board thing... ;-)

    Blessed Be,
    Victoria SkyDancer

  5. Maitri Says:

    Here we go everybody. It's --- eery music --- MYSTERIOUS MONDAY!!!! MWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA.... (Organ music in the background...)

    Victoria, perhaps you should present a mystery for us all to solve? See, I'm all for delegating. I will be doing my post right now.... :o)

    Hugs and Blessings to all...


  6. PinkLady Says:

    Mother Maitri i want to join.. is it ok if it's a late post? i will try to post one today or tomorrow in my OF LIVING blog. i'll leave a message here and link up once it's up already.

    blessings to you,


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