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One of the things that just blows me away is what the blogging community has come to mean in my life. I came to blogging just to open my heart and share and hope to meet a few like-minded people. I now know people all of the world, have made wonderful and dear friends that I feel as if I've known all of my life, and sometimes, more often than you can imagine, you come across a precious soul whose whole blog just makes you GLOW... Such is Grampy's blog, and you can click on his graphic link above to visit his site.

This morning I was visiting his site and saw that he had a new "Mr. Linky" list set up for "Weekend Linky Love" and I loved the idea. Weekends are more laid back for me and I have more time to write and just Breathe... I am going to update both blogs and add a number of things to them both, expanding favorite links and blogs, and you can bet Grampy will be one of them!

This weekend, even as I type, everything outside in the garden is being dug up and potted, everything that can that is, weeded, cleaned up, and pine straw put down so the owner after me will have a fresh slate. I will be moving soon to a little coastal community where everything is in walking distance and I'm looking at little cottages now. It will be a whole new start for me.

It's hard to imagine that this time last week I was both mother-of-the-bride and minister as my sweet daughter and her longtime love Jeremy got married on the beach at sunrise. It was simple, beautiful, and there wasn't a dry eye in the place except mine (try staying composed when it's your daughter you're marrying and tears are running down her cheeks through the whole ceremony... sigh...). I will never forget that morning as long as I live. It was moving and beautiful and so full of love words don't do it justice...

It is a very emotional time because just as my daughter was marrying the love of her life, and they the parents of my precious grandson Lucas, my dear mother, 83, who has battled Multiple Myeloma for over 4 1/2 years, a terrible form of cancer, is now in her final days. It has been a long, drawn out battle and she has outlived every prediction and expectation, but now the end is coming very close. We didn't know even as days grew close to the wedding if they might also be my mother's final days, and it was like two worlds colliding, very, very difficult.

Once the wedding was over and the newlyweds off on their honeymoon, I picked up a rescue pug puppy. Oh my gracious she would absolutely break your heart. She had been left in a closed car in the heat, was almost dead, had had a heat stroke and a fever of 109 degrees when she was rescued and taken to the Humane Society where the amazing vet saved her. She is precious beyond belief and I had her until last night. She is such a bright, joyful spirit and loveable and kissing all the time, I fell madly in love. I knew she'd only be with me for a short time before the rescue worker came to get her, but I fell so in love I wanted badly to keep her and cried like a baby for hours after she left last night. I think that there has just been so much emotion, every kind imaginable, and she filled something in me and gave me joy when I needed it most. I know that it was right for her to go and she will be a precious angel of a girl for her new adoptive family when she is adopted out, but I will never forget that precious girl, and she will always live on in my heart. Here's a picture of Chloe asleep snuggled into my neck after we had had a great big lovefest. Quality is not great because I took it with my cellphone, the only thing I could reach without waking her, but I love it anyway!

Mother Maitri & Chloe...

Everything happens for a reason, even if we can't see it at the time. Even though I badly wanted to keep Chloe, I had a growing sadness and realization that a bouncing highly energetic pug baby was not what we needed in a land full of seniors (including me!), that the other dogs wouldn't get the attention and love they needed and deserved if I was always chasing after a puppy bounding through the air (She popped off 2 laptop keys, chewed all manner of things up, and nearly licked your face off every time she came near you. A sweeter bundle of love I have never seen, but WHOO, I didn't have that much energy when I was a kid!).

So things settled down and I kind of went from soft sobs to burying my nose in my soft puggy boy's fur, Sam my sweet man that is my velcro pug, and already the stillness set in and I relaxed. I will never, however, forget Chloe, and I will never stop loving her.

I just looked outside and nearly fell over on my head. A lush garden is GONE and flat pine-straw covered ground. It hasn't looked like that since I moved in here 7 1/2 years ago, but everything changes, nothing stays the same, and I am on my way to a whole new life.

And gee, it's only a little after 2 Saturday afternoon. Who knows what the rest of the weekend will bring?

Hugs to one and all. Have a beautiful weekend, especially you Grampy!

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  1. Grampy Says:

    It is funny how the internet brings all sorts of people together. Different faiths and lands. I am not much of a writer but I strive to lead a humble life helping those that I can along the way.I have arthritis in my fingers so you will not get a long post from me.I wish to thank you for your kind words and look forward to talking to you more.Hopefully the emotional upheaval will slow down soon.
    Have a sparkling weekend.

  2. Maitri Says:

    Thank you so much Grampy. I think it is an amazing and miraculous thing. When we can reach out to others around the world with open hearts, we can heal the planet, each in our own way. Each one, reach one. Many blessings to you dear Grampy... :o)


  3. "Annie" Says:

    Maitri, You brought me to another place with this piece- it's so moving. Tell you daughter congratulations for me, and I'm sorry to hear about your mother.

    You know the new life you're embarking on sounds like part of a dream I have for my future. Well, as far as where you're planning on living anyway. I hope I can buy a cottage on the beach within walking distance of the market, etc...

    A place within the proximity of others, but where it's quiet enough to write.

    I really enjoyed this wonderful post~

    And, by the way, I have an award for you on A Nice Place In The Sun.

    Have a great evening, and hang in there~


  4. PJ Says:

    you are an amazing writer maitri, seriously. i felt all of the emotion in your words and they touched me deeply. i agree, the internet is a wonderful thing which has also connected me to many awesome people of which you are now one of them. thank you.

  5. Lin Says:

    That's a lot of changes for one person to take in. You are so full of hope though, what a good thing! How lucky for that sweet puppy that you let him go on to a happy life, even though you wanted him. As a recipient of the kindness of someone like you, we have our Hobbes, so I appreciate what you sacrificed and thank you. :)

  6. I just visited Grampy a few hours ago and I love his blog too.

    I had to stop in and tell you the pictures are just so very lovely!

    Oh I have the vision in my head and I can see the wedding so clearly.

    I hope you have a marvelous day Dear Maitri. I don't why exactly but I am experiencing some really strong and rather positive vines right now.

    There are good things ahead for you. Don't ask me where that came from. It jst floated in from some where. But, when these feelings come over me they are usually correct.

    Difficult times may be imminent but the good is very very strong!!

    Peace and love my friend!

  7. MAC Says:

    Your story is wonderful. I don't know you but I do feel that every word you write shows a little piece of you.

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