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I am odd. I am peculiar. I don't want to fit in anywhere and I want to do things my own way. I am the kind of person who would go out to get the mail with my flamingo hat on. Trust me, you've no idea. Here's what the flamingo hat looks like in the ad....

The flamingo head actually stand up nearly 3 feet and the legs dangle over your breasts. It is startling to say the least. And I have gifted some of my favorite peculiar friends with these hats. They are about $5 on eBay, and there are several places that carry them. So I go outside with mine on just to irk or frighten somebody (If you can be the "mad woman on the hill" not much of anyone bothers you...) as I'm getting the mail. It's so much fun. I say if you can't startle or alarm your neighbors you're not living right. But that's just me.

Of course when I go out I do like to wear my favorite jewelry. I wouldn't take a room full of diamonds for this necklace. And Lord, I look so smashing in it!!!

Tell me the truth. Have you ever seen anyone look more fabulous? Lord, I rock in my flamingo light necklace. They are also around my kitchen windows and my garden is full of flamingos...

Anyway, I have gone astray and had a bit of flamingo madness. It happens to the best of us. All I was trying to point out is that somebody who not only decorates with, but wears flamingos, is not going to be the kind of woman who wants an ordinary house. Now look at these... (I'm going to pick one picture from the page but if you'll click on the house you can go straight to a world of fantastical houses. Alice in Wonderland would be thrilled!

Now who in their right mind would not want to live in a shoe?

And then there is Dan Price. This man stole my heart in the early 90's when I started to subscribe to his hand drawn and hand-lettered funky little 'zine called The Moonlight Chronicles. He still makes them today. You've just got to visit the above page. Click on the name and you're go to a land you never dreamed existed. You can also see and read copies of the chronicles online here. But the best thing of all is that Dan lives in a little Hobbit Hole in the ground he built himself in a meadow that he lives in, as well as building all kinds of other wonderful things. Please watch the videos below when you have the time. But I warn you, your life will never be the same again. They just bring with them an air of enchantment.

There are three wonderful YouTube videos that I urge you to watch. I don't want to put the videos here because they make the page load too slowly, but here are the links to the three I'd love for you to see....

Interview With Dan Price

The Man In The Hole


Part Of The Solution - Part 1

Yes, Dan is my hero, but it would be hard for me to live in an underground Hobbit Hole with 6 parrots, 5 dogs, a beta fish and 2 snails. Not to mention hordes of books, monstrous piles of fiber everwhere, not to mention the dyepots and the boxes and boxes of dyes, spinning wheels and looms everywhere. But I dearly want something odd.

I fell in love with an old yellow farmhouse but sadly before I could do anything about it, it sold. Still in all, I believe when the time is right, I'll find a shoe or a hat or a something or other to live in. I'm still on the hunt. Let me know if you find one, and I'll leave you with this hat house that is on the page of unusual houses above, wherein you click on the shoe!

So, it's time for me to go babysit my wee little grandson Lucas whom I try to teach as many odd and peculiar things as I possibly can before his parent catch on! And I will be dreaming of odd houses, and someday I know I will find just the right one...

Happy Days and Love and Joy to one and all,

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  1. Margo Says:

    What a fun post! I've always wanted to live in either a lighthouse or a windmill and sleep in a hammock :)

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