Maitri Libellule
Where Did They Go?

They went to the place words go when you feel empty inside, and kind of numb and sort of depressed and you need to COME BACK TO LIFE!!!

I let my little kid inside come out and play!!!

It's this kind of time that I need to turn to the wordless pursuits and my paints have been calling me.

Now, mind, I am not an artiste, no, I am a 55 year old woman who wanted to be an artist as a little girl but got bad grades and raps on the knuckles by a nun who taught art class because I "colored wrong." (Purple trees with orange leaves, people with 2 different colored eyes and socks that didn't match, pink dogs, periwinkle blue cats... my favorite colors in the big box of crayons were always magenta and periwinkle blue... it makes me feel tinkly and giggly inside just thinking about it...)

I don't paint much differently these days and am very shy to show them to people. They are little girl paintings. They let JOY out. They make me giggle. I even smile. My paints mostly look messy like this...

... and my brushes kinda look like this...

... and most of my watercolor paint sets are for kids except a couple of sets of better watercolors that have deeper and more vivid colors.

I have books and books and books of funny dear little drawings. I feel very tenderly toward them. I have decided to do a painting a day, and I might need to be sharing those here until my words come back, and don't laugh and be nice because they are shy little paintings and I am working harder at finding my way in more visual forms. Sometimes my brain gets tired from words, like when your mother is dying you run out of words like an air out of a balloon, or when you feel lonely on a Saturday night because they one you love is far away and you haven't been able to talk in a long time. Sometimes it's just good to paint.

I can paint outside the lines if I want to. I can paint turquoise hair if I want to. I can stand on my head and paint if I want to. I can let Sampson my velcro pug paint with his paw if I want to. So there Sister ______. He he he...

Ok, here's one wee little painting I must have done lying down on my side. It must have been a contemplative "lying on your side" sort of day. It asks a question. Can you answer it? If you can leave a note after this post...

Don't you wish you had a cup like that? I need BIG cups for my lattes.

I'd chat more but I ran out of words and now I'm going to paint. You can paint too if you want to. You can get kids paint boxes cheap at the drugstore, and your paintings will be perfectly sublime because they are yours. I know mine are. He he he...

Maitri, having a play day...

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  1. PinkLady Says:

    Going back to painting is something i really want to do. When i had my own personal journey years ago, watercolor painting was one of the things I learned on my own. It was so fulfilling. Thank you for reminding me of this passion. One day.. someday.. I will paint again. :)

    Take care Mother Maitri...

    Blessings to you,

    Bing (",)

  2. Yes, your tea flows into you, and through you, and out again. Energy never stops moving in and through and out.

    ...and anyone who doesn't like your paintings is blind and cannot see the beauty. Paint on!

    Blessed Be,

  3. impNERD Says:

    I took a few design classes in college (design, graphic illustration and a few others) and the first thing they tell you is to forget about reality. They say the worst thing a teacher or parent can tell their child is that they are coloring wrong.

    The greatest painters of the past 300 years were those who painted trees purple, the grass red, and the men green.

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