Maitri Libellule

Dear Ones,

I just wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten about my memes, "Mysterious Monday," "Wisdom Wednesday," and "Serene Sundays," but I will not be able to do them for a little while ahead. My mother is going on hospice on Monday and her end is very near. This is, as you can imagine, a very hard time, but actually doing my blogs has been a lifesaver and helps me hold on to something. The thing is, I never know WHEN I am able to do things right now, so holding to some kind of "Gotta do it TODAY" schedule won't work for now. I do, as a matter of fact, hope to update this blog later today, but I felt I needed to put a little note here about this issue so you didn't think I'd stopped them. Those who are doing them, keep on, that would be lovely, and I will certainly be back to them when I can. The memes have gone cattywompus, and there's nothing I can do about that now.

Thank you for your understanding...

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  1. Sorry to hear about your mum. Thoughts and prayers for both of you.

  2. gagay Says:

    so sad to know this Maitri..hope everythin' will be fine so soon! take care!


  3. PJ Says:

    holding you and yours in love and light...hugz!

  4. Lidian Says:

    Maitri - I just rejoined EC but have not received your message there yet - it just isn't showing up on the dashboard, so here I am, here...

    I am thinking of you a lot now and dropping in on your lovely blogs pretty much every day. I am mainly rejoining EC so that dropping in on you and many other friends will be easier for me - it is SO hard without the toolbar! It is such a hard balance between doing enough to feel well inside, but not to overdo - especially at a time like this for you. It was awfully hard for me 10 yrs ago but I had 2 little girls to keep me busy. Not as much contemplative time as I needed, but now I have a little bit more.

    It would be lovely to meet in person, but I also think of the line in George Eliot's Daniel Deronda about how when people are far apart geographically, their minds can get closer. I know this can be true :)

    xx Lidian

  5. Lucky Girl Says:

    I'm so sorry. Hope you can spend tons of timee with your mom.

  6. Laane Says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your mom.

    I'll light a candle with the girls when they come home.

    Be blessed.

  7. I am keeping you and your mother in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. You and your mother are in my prayers. Many blessings to you. Hugs, B

  9. Nessa Says:

    Prayers for your mom.

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